These New Year-Themed TV Episodes Will Get You in the Mood for that Ball Drop

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When it comes to holiday-themed episodes of your favorite TV shows, New Year’s Eve is a pretty roundly underrated source of inspiration for quality programming.

Sure, Halloween tends to feature more fun costumes and spooky scenarios on-screen, and you gotta give Christmas the edge on ushering in all familial feels and other warm and cozy moments. But New Year celebrations are all about people bringing in some cheer and planning (and usually failing) to better themselves in some small way.

With all the booze, lofty resolutions, midnight kisses and even the Y2K panic that have informed so many episodes, it’s no wonder so many good episodes of TV tend to revolve around that annual ball drop. So, in addition to tuning in for the ball drop, football games, or the many TV marathons happening this year, you might want to consider queuing up some of these excellent New Year’s-themed TV episodes to get yourself even more amped for the year ahead:

PHOTOS: The Best New Year’s Episodes of All Time

<a href="" style=" font-weight: bold;">The Best New Year's Episodes of All Time</a>The Best New Year’s Episodes of All Time

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