Days of Our Lives Round Table: The Most Annoying Person in Salem!


Victor fired Chad, Julie fell down the stairs, Sarah went after Chloe and Abigail had a surprise for Stefan on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Rafe and Hope’s marriage, Rex moving Mimi and the baby to Chicago, Sarah’s involvement in Holly’s custody battle and choosing the most annoying person in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was Victor right to fire Chad despite Sonny’s protests?

Andy: I can’t blame Victor for firing Chad one bit. He shouldn’t have been named CEO of Titan in the first place. I don’t think either Chad or Sonny is experienced enough to be CEO of these giant companies, and they’ve both recently proven that fact. Nepotism at its finest.

Jack: I wasn’t fully following why Chad’s business decision was so terrible. I get that Chad was thinking more of his revenge scheme than the bottom line, but if his risk pays off and Titan makes a lot of money Victor could look foolish.

However, considering Chad’s betrayal of Sonny and the fact that he took the job in order to be able to hurt Stefan, it probably is not in Titan’s best interest for him to continue.

Christine: I had to agree with Victor. Neither Chad nor Sonny seem to keep business decisions to just business.

Not only did Chad admit to making a poor business deal because revenge was his first priority, but he then admitted to knowing that Sonny was being set up when he took the job. Why should Victor continue to trust him with his company?

Do you think that Rafe and Hope have a healthy marriage? Why or why not?

Andy: I honestly forget that they’re actually married until one of them brings it up. I don’t see the romance or the trust needed for a healthy marriage. They do support each other when something bad happens but are more believable as friends than spouses.

Jack: It’s not healthy for them or for my mental health. I can’t stand watching these two on screen. All they do is fight, distrust each other, and belittle each other.

Hope wasn’t even sure she wanted to be with Rafe when she decided not to annul the marriage. I’m praying that the soap gods break these two up permanently as we head into a new year!

Christine: Like Andy, I frequently forget that they’re married unless they remind us. These two are horrible together. They bring one another down instead of lifting each other up.

They are so much more likable apart than they are together. Can I ask Santa for their divorce for Christmas this year?

Is Sarah fighting for Eric to have custody of Holly because she has the child’s best interests at heart or is there another reason?

Andy: I don’t think Sarah (or Eric for that matter) has really stopped to think about Holly’s best interests. Eric is understandably trying to hold onto this last shred of Nicole, and Sarah…I don’t really get Sarah. She’s attached herself to Eric, probably rebounding off Rex in a way.

But it doesn’t really make any sense for her to blindly fight for his cause against her own mother/Holly’s grandmother. I’d almost buy it more if she was fighting for herself to have custody as Holly’s aunt.

Jack: Sarah is acting like a child, and it’s clear that her own breakup with Rex is influencing her (unwanted) opinion about this. I’m wondering if there’s a deeper reason, such as did something happen between her and Maggie to make her so angry at her mother and want to lash out at her all the time?

Either way, her shrieking, disrespect, and temper tantrums have to go and her idea that Eric should have Holly because Holly would help him get over Nicole’s death is completely ridiculous. That’s not in Holly’s best interests at all.

Christine: I’m not sure what Sarah’s really fighting for here. She barely knows Eric or Holly and yet she’s decided to insert herself into this incredibly complicated, life-altering decision.

Eric’s recklessness killed Holly’s father, Sarah’s half-brother. Eric and Nicole weren’t married and he has no relationship with the toddler so I don’t see how Eric should be anyone’s first choice to raise her.

Was Rex moving Mimi and the baby to Chicago to be with him “cold” as Eric described it?

Andy: Not at all, and hearing Eric say that really bugged me. Rex clearly isn’t a saint and made some poor choices while in a relationship with Sarah, but he’s just trying to do right by his child now.

I think he did the right thing by letting Sarah know, so she wouldn’t find out some other way. It’s called being a mature adult, Sarah should really try it sometime.

Jack: Not at all. Rex is trying to be involved in his child’s life — something Eric should appreciate since he insists he’s best suited to raise Holly. Why should Rex put Sarah’s feelings over his relationship with his daughter?

Christine: Yeah, Eric’s reaction made no sense. Is Rex supposed to ignore his own child to please Sarah? Letting Sarah know that Mimi and the baby were moving to Chicago before Sarah ran into them was the mature thing to do, unfortunately, it’s Eric and Sarah who are acting like children.

Should Abigail have handed the divorce papers to Stefan, or should she have gotten out of the house and had someone else deliver them?

Andy: Abigail should not have risked doing this in person and alone with Stefan. I mean, at least let someone else in on what you’re doing in case things go sideways. It would have been much safer to let him be served.

Jack: I think she should have got out of the house. As satisfying as it was for her to call Stefan an SOB, it was also dangerous. Stefan is unstable and violent and who knows what he could do (or order Ben to do) now that he’s been double-crossed?

Abigail should have done what it is advised a battered spouse does and quietly disappear with her baby before Stefan got the papers.

Christine: Abigail might have found the moment satisfying but it put her and her daughter in incredible danger. She should have gotten somewhere safe with Charlotte and had someone else deliver those papers. After everything that Stefan has done, not protecting herself and her baby was asinine. 

Who is the most annoying person in Salem?

Andy: Sarah is the most annoying person onscreen right now for me, by far. I mean, Leo is really annoying too, but he’s meant to be an evil cartoony character.

Sarah is just super immature and whiny for no good reason as if she should be in Ciara and Claire’s age group. Thank you, next.

Jack: There are several but right now Sarah is on the top of my list with her butting in, saying unwarranted and nasty things to her mother, and throwing tantrums all the time.

Christine: Sarah! She throws tantrums like a bratty teenager. She shrieks whenever things don’t go her way and she’s horrible to her mother. It’s gotten to the point where I need to lower the volume whenever she’s onscreen.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Andy: I enjoyed the Gabi/Julie confrontation. It was over the top, but nice and soapy. Even though I dislike Sarah, I did like watching her and Chloe go toe-to-toe. Lots of good history brought up in their barbs. And while it was a terrible move on his part, I enjoyed seeing Will deck Leo.

Jack: I loved Julie’s confrontation with Gabi (though I wish she hadn’t fallen down the steps). Finally, someone who is immune to Gabi’s lies and manipulations! I also loved Doug’s scenes at her bedside and at the Horton House.

Christine: Doug being at Julie’s bedside were some of the best scenes of the week.

Also, I loved how Chloe stood up to Sarah’s tirade. She was much calmer than Sarah but even more fierce. I really enjoy seeing Chloe stand up for herself.

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