Chicago Fire: Casey Needs a Hoe Phase

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When Christina Aguilera ditched her aluminum metalized polyethylene terephthalate low-rise jeans for red leather chaps in “Dirrty,” it marked the beginning of a new era. No longer a bubblegum-pop princess, X-Tina was finally liberated. Insecure‘s Issa (Issa Rae) also found her voice in Season 2 by exploring her sexuality with no strings attached via a much-needed “hoe phase.”

Chicago Fire‘s Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) might not be an international pop star or an awkward black girl but after going through a painful divorce, Truck 81’s sandy-haired captain could stand to undo a few buttons on those standard-issue white polos and get in touch with his promiscuous side.

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Despite looking like the sort of snack you’d indulge in guilt-free because you know he’s good for you, Fire‘s swoon-worthy leader has had a surprisingly basic love life. That’s not to say his marriage to Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) wasn’t a rollercoaster ride with its fair share of memorable moments (a miscarriage, failed adoption and several life-or-death close calls to name a few). But in all the time we’ve gotten to know him, Casey has been in two serious relationships that both crashed and burned in spectacular fashion.

Now, it looks like he’s fast-forwarded through the post-breakup “new me” stage and continued his serial monogamist ways by moving onto the spitfire investigative reporter Naomi (Kate Villanova). After some harmless flirting and a road trip, the pair ended the first half of Season 7 in bed together, which has set off major alarms since Casey admitted she reminds him of his ex-wife. But according to Spencer, his fling with Naomi isn’t as serious as you might think.

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“I don’t think we’ll see him settle down anytime soon,” Spencer previously told TV Guide. “That doesn’t mean his relationship with Naomi won’t continue. He doesn’t wanna just jump back into another relationship straight away.”

So, yeah, Casey will continue hooking up with Naomi but it won’t be much of a commitment. That’s cool and everything, but I have another proposition: Let Matt Casey be a hoe for a minute. There’s no doubt that underneath that restrictive turnout gear lies an Alfie Elkins just itching to claw his way out. As Firehouse 51’s commendable leader and Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) level-headed best friend, he’s been squeaky clean for far too long. It’s time for him to finally let his freak flag fly.

It’s only a matter of time before Casey inevitably latches onto the next strong personality that breathes in his general direction. So why not allow him to let loose, work out any unresolved feelings and explore what else is out there before then? Let Casey have some fun while he still can . He really needs it.

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