Vikings Season 5 Episode 14 Review: The Lost Moment


The Seer has left this world, but not without imparting on us one last cryptic message. 

Besides basically telling Ivar that he is in fact not a god, he told Hvitserk that he is going to accomplish something others before have failed to do. 

So, what could that be?

Now that Ivar has murdered the Seer on Vikings Season 5 Episode 14, we are left to wonder what Hvitserk is meant to do. 

I’ll be honest, I thought there was a chance that Hvitserk might actually be the one wearing that hood. He wasn’t. Instead, the sacrifice was just some random girl, and that was a little bit of a letdown. 

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But the fact that Hvitserk lived is not. Now that he’s finally standing up to Ivar, he’s becoming interesting. 

This prophecy adds another layer on top of that. I’m intrigued. Hvitserk is the one brother we’ve yet to see really do anything other than follow Ivar blindly. He’s growing a backbone and I’m starting to root for him. It’s finally Hvitserk’s time to shine!

Hvitserk: So tell me, what am I here for?
Seer: You will accomplish what others before you have failed to accomplish, but the cost will be too high.

Ivar is quickly losing my interest. 

He’s letting all this new power go to his head, and he’s becoming more and more unhinged which each passing day. The guy has always been crazy, but he’s also a brilliant strategist who’s always one step ahead of everyone else. 

Where is that guy? 

Now that he has everything he wants he’s basically turned into the stereotypical king who sits on his throne drinking all day and ordering people around. 

Yes, he’s still horrible and shows no mercy, but he’s always been that way, and he’s starting to get boring. We need a new element to Ivar.

He killed the Seer out of blind rage because he wasn’t hearing what he wanted. It was as impulsive as his murder of Sigurd. He grew into a cold, manipulative warrior and now he’s regressing. 

Maybe we just need to see him challenged again. He won the throne, now let’s see how he defends it. It’s only a matter of time before Harald or someone else attempts to take it from him. 

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I still don’t trust Freydis as far as I can throw her. There’s a good chance she’ll betray him now that he’s let his guard down. Ivar doesn’t give his trust easily. If it’s betrayed, we might see another level of his ruthlessness. 

We may be on our way to another brother civil war between Bjorn and Ubbe. 

The two are completely at odds, and Bjorn is allowing himself to be manipulated by Magnus. 

Ubbe doesn’t trust Magnus, and that’s a fair assessment of a complete stranger. He wants to keep his word and fight for Alfred. 

Ubbe: First lesson is not to be afraid. So go and stand by the tree.
Alfred: Why? What are you going to do?
Ubbe: You asked me to teach you how to fight, and I can teach you the ways in which to fight with a sword and ax or a shield to stay alive. If you’re afraid, then you’re already dead.

Bjorn, on the other hand, is not quite as committed to the agreement. 

It would not surprise me at all if Bjorn and Magnus joined Harald’s army and fought against Alfred and Ubbe. There’s just one minor problem with that scenario.

Which side will Lagertha choose?

For now, she’s not getting in the middle of the boys, but she is spending a great deal of time sneaking around with Heahmund. 

Lagertha said herself that Harald has always been her enemy. Heahmund is obviously on Team Alfred. Would Bjorn and Lagertha really fight on opposite sides? That is hard to fathom. 

As for their relationship, I get that they’re the hot couple, and sure there’s a certain sexy aspect to the secret affair/forbidden love thing they’ve got going on, but am I the only one that also finds Heahmund a little creepy?

The way he was stalking out of the shadows with that serious look on his face felt predatory. 

 Aethelred had the opportunity to bring down Alfred and claim the throne for himself but ultimately couldn’t go through with a plan that would require killing his brother.

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It’s hard to imagine this is the end of the secret faction that’s trying to overthrow Alfred though. One must assume they have a Plan B up their sleeves. 

If Aethelred is truly loyal to Alfred, he needs to tell him about the planned mutiny. 

So Floki’s in Iceland. Pretty much same old, same old. 

Eyvand has been a thorn in his side ever since they landed on the island, and I’m not convinced his solution to expel him and his entire family is going to put an end to the situation.  

Or who knows, maybe with luck it will solve the conflict and Floki and the others can live happily ever after in their little settlement and we can stop checking in with them altogether. 

There has to be a point to this storyline, but it feels like it’s taking an eternity to get to it. 

What do you guys think? Will we see Bjorn and Ubbe on opposite sides? What do you think Hvitserk will accomplish? Hit the comments and don’t forget to watch Vikings online!

Stacy Glanzman is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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