Days of Our Lives Round Table: Chloe or Eric? You Choose!


Everyone bickered over Nicole’s wishes for Holly, Sarah chose to stay in Salem, and Sonny married Leo in the Kiriakis living room.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy and Silvanaoir from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether Chloe or Eric should raise Holly, if Sarah sticking around Salem is a good thing, Julie’s 50th anniversary on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who should have custody of Holly: Chloe or Eric?

Kathy: Reluctantly I will say Chloe. She knows what is involved in raising a toddler and she already has a home with kiddie stuff. I’m assuming this because we never see her home or Parker.

I feel sorry for Eric but I wish Holly was tucked safely in the Kiriakis nursery with all her material needs met, a knowledgeable nanny and her loving grandmother.

Silvananoir: Chloe. I truly believe that Chloe is the best choice for Holly. Not only does she have a letter certified by a lawyer, but she is in a way more stable place than Eric. She has a business, she was more a part of Nicole’s life, she’s Daniels ex-wife and mother to his child, Holly’s half-brother.

Everyone testifies that Chloe is a very good mother to Parker, and she was the surrogate mother to Holly.

All Eric has is that he heard Nicole say that she wanted him to take care of Holly, and unless Brady backs up Eric’s interpretation of those events, he doesn’t have a shot.

Eric and Sarah should be realistic about his chances. He wasn’t married to Nicole, he is not biologically related to Holly, he is a felon who was put in prison for drunk driving and killing Holly’s father.

Brady made the point on Friday show that there are other ways to interpret Nicole’s last statement and unless Maggie backs him I don’t see how he can win.

Finally I don’t like the fact that it feels like Eric only what’s Holly because she’s the last piece of Nicole left in the world and that he’s using her to heal. A child isn’t a Band-Aid for your feelings. Currently I don’t think that Eric wants Holly for the right reasons. 

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Jack: I vote for neither. I’m strongly in favor of Maggie having custody and both Chloe and Eric can help. Eric is unstable and Chloe works 24 hours a day and is more worried about how to pay for childcare for two kids than how to raise a little girl that just lost her mother.

Christine: Chloe makes the most sense. Although we don’t see Parker with Chloe, it’s because the show hasn’t cast him in a while. And Chloe’s comment about child care probably has to do with Parker now being in school and Holly, being a toddler, will need daytime childcare.

Chloe has a good relationship with Maggie, has experience as a parent, and has more connection to Holly. Eric simply wants her to replace the hole that Nicole left in his heart. He’s a felon with no experience raising a child and he’s frequently violent and has angry outbursts. He has no business raising a toddler who is grieving her mom.

It looks as though Sarah will be staying in Salem? Rate your excitement from a 1 (Make her leave now!) to a 10 (I love that she’s staying!)

Kathy: I’m going to rate Sarah’s staying in town a 5. I’m going to give Maggie’s daughter a chance to settle in and become a part of Salem.

Silvananoir: A four. Sarah really did not endear herself to me this week. I understand that she is using Eric’s situation as a distraction from her current drama with Rex and Mimi and the baby, but she doesn’t understand the players involved. She doesn’t know Chloe, she didn’t know Nicole, she doesn’t know Brady, and she barely knows Eric. Sarah needs to stay out of it.

Jack: I’m giving it a 3. I was initially excited that Maggie’s daughter was in town but so far she has done nothing to make me like her. She’s thrown tantrums, gotten drunk, and now is inserting herself into the middle of a custody case that is none of her business and saying hurtful things to her mother about it.

Plus it looks like she’s jumped from being Rex’s fiancee to being infatuated with Eric. She really feels like an overgrown teenager, not a woman in her 30s, and that makes her less enjoyable.

Christine: I agree with everything Jack just said and I’m giving Sarah a 3 as well. She acts like a teenager throwing a tantrum, not a grown woman who’s a doctor. And she keeps insisting that Eric needs Holly. This isn’t about what Eric needs, it’s about what Holly needs but Sarah doesn’t seem to get that.

Were you surprised by Marlena’s lax attitude to finding out that Sonny and Will thought they had killed Leo?

Kathy: No, Marlena has separate criteria for her family. She raised Sami so nothing should surprise her.

Silvananoir: For a second I thought they switched her lines with Grandma Kate. It’s really out of character for Marlena. I didn’t like it at all.

Jack: Not really. Marlena’s a psychiatrist and has heard all sorts of stories. Plus she’s been involved in a lot of weird happenings herself. I was more surprised that Abe didn’t want to press criminal charges against Leo in addition to refusing to officiate the wedding.

Christine: Marlena seems to have different rules for different people. Sami would have gotten quite a lecture, but this is Will, and she seems to overlook a lot of his bad behavior.

Victor didn’t stop Sonny’s wedding to Leo. Was it because he couldn’t figure out a way to stop it or because he’s lost faith in Sonny?

Kathy: I think Victor wants Sonny to learn to clean up his own messes.

Silvananoir: I think it’s a mix of both. I feel like Victor wants Sonny to solve his own mess, and I also think that Victor is disappointed in Sonny and doesn’t want to get involved.

Victor is upset that Sonny didn’t come to him first and tell him what was happening. If Sonny wants Victor’s help then he’s going to have to talk to his grandfather.

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Jack: I think it’s because the writers don’t have a legitimate reason for Sonny to give in to blackmail so they wrote Victor out of character to make the story work. I did wonder if Victor is engaging in giving Leo enough rope to hang himself though.

Christine: Ugh. First, Victor didn’t find out about this mess until the wedding was happening in his living room. Sonny should have gone to Victor for help but he didn’t so I don’t think we can expect Victor to wave a magic wand and make Sonny’s mess disappear in an instant.

It was Julie’s 50th anniversary in Salem! What’s your favorite storyline involving Julie?

Kathy: I liked the storyline involving Doug’s marriage to Julie’s mother, Addie. Doug and Julie were going to marry but after a disagreement their plans fell apart. Doug married Addie instead. I enjoyed this story because all of those involved were sympathetic.

Silvananoir: Honestly, I don’t know anything about Julie except our modern incarnation. I was a teenager when I first watched days back when the Teen Scene was a thing.

But I do like her so I will say that I really enjoy how Julie is a ride or die for her family even when her family members are in the wrong. I don’t appreciate everything she does and sometimes she really gets on my nerves but I appreciate the character and the history she brings to the show.

Jack: I love Julie! Her love story with Doug is one of my favorites. It was so heartbreaking when she was burned and thought Doug wouldn’t want her anymore because of how she looked. I’m also thrilled to see her going back to her devious roots and helping unmask Gabi.

Christine: I have distinct memories of growing up with Julie and Doug and their friend, Robert! But Julie working with Abigail trying to take Gabi down is probably the best storyline Julie has had in a long, long, time.

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Kathy: I was disappointed that Sonny and Will couldn’t find a way to stop Leo.

Silvananoir: I hate Gabygail part 2. I cannot wait until this stupid story is over. I love Gabi, but I want it to be over already.

Jack: Victor basically told Sonny to let Leo rape him — isn’t this Abby/Stefan mess bad enough?

Also, I was really hoping that JJ was secretly investigating Gabi and I don’t like that they dumbed him down for the sake of this story. I understand him being grateful that Gabi saved his life but where are his normally great instincts?

I wish the writers would stop twisting characters out of shape to make stories work and instead write stories that work with the characters being the way they are.

Christine: Sarah shrieked about everything this week! She yelled at her mother, she called Rex names for giving her a heads up that he was bringing his child back to Chicago, and she ranted about how no one cared about poor Eric.

Also, I had some hope that this nonsense with Ted might finally break up Hope and Rafe, but no such luck. 

Are there two characters you’d like to see as a couple who currently are not together?

Kathy: Roman and Kate. I’m not sure it would be a lasting relationship but it could be fun.

Silvananoir: Honestly, my heart is forever Phloe, but I am disappointed in the direction that that they took Stefan because I wanted him with Chloe. I will always be disappointed in the failure of the potential that was there.

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Jack: Instead of going for Brady/Chloe round 2 (or is it 3?) I’d like to see them give Eric and Chloe a try. She seems to be the only one who is at all understanding of why he would be upset about the custody issue and he seems softer around her.

Christine: I’ve always thought that Roman and Kate have potential. Like Kathy said above, I’m not sure it would be a long-term relationship, but I think it would be fun to see them as a couple.

Now it’s your turn TV Fanatics! Who do you think should have custody of Holly?

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