Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Resting Witch Face


Patience might have fooled the rest of the Midnighters, but she sure didn’t fool me.

It was no surprise to find out Patience had evil intentions on Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 7, but it was surprising to learn that Kai was unknowingly pulled into her wicked plot.

It was also unbelievable.

How could he possibly think that an ugly dismembered head locked in a cage would be used for anything good especially considering that he was gathering monster powers to bring Patience’s brother back to life?

And the plethora of information Kai so willingly shared with Manfred was also unbelievable.

Kai hates Manfred so he’d be the last person Kai would tell about their plans.

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If anything, he would have listened to Manfred, got rid of him, then confronted Patience about the things Manfred told him.

Instead, Kai and Manfred are going to probably work together to stop Patience before her brother takes over Manfred’s body.

But it might be too late since the amulet seems to have started it’s magic already.

Poor Manfred. He always gets the short end of the stick.

I understand how he was bamboozled by Patience. He was at a low point, and she was charming, attractive, and irresistible.

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What I don’t get is how Olivia and Lem didn’t sense that something wasn’t quite right with her despite Fiji’s hair test results.

Those two just aren’t that gullible.

And how stupid was it that it took a good amount of time before they actually found the Cyrillic book. I mean, hello! That book was clearly labeled for the world to see, yet, it was at the bottom of the pile.

All to create tension, I guess. Whatever.

Fiji turned into a dark seductress who was a lot of fun even if she intended to help the dark side win.

I still don’t get why Bobo is so shocked at Fiji’s behavior.

What did he expect a dark witch to be like?

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At least he finally opened his mouth to the rest of the gang and let them know what was going on.

No, Olivia, Fiji is not the Good Witch, Glenda any longer.

Didn’t any of you wonder why Fiji wasn’t helping out when the trickster took over the town on Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 6?

It’s maddening, I tell you, maddening!!

Joe was too busy chasing down Chuy to be of any help. And now that he cut off his wings, he’s even more useless.

Why Walker is still around is anyone’s guess, and now it seems that he’s here to stay.

I can’t believe Joe killed Chuy. There had to be a better way. Maybe he could have chained him up and taken him somewhere until he got over his anger, but that didn’t happen.

It couldn’t have been the first time Chuy lost control, so killing him off seemed a little extreme.

They were together for thousand years for crying out loud!

If Joe needed to kill anyone, it should have been Walker, but now it seems that the demon hunter is going to be Joe’s new love interest.

Perhaps Walker will have some useful tools to help the team battle Patience and Theopholis.

It’s going to be a difficult battle, for sure.

If Theopholis takes over Manfred’s body, the team is going to get challenged more than they have ever been to save their friend from ultimate doom.

Killing Manfred won’t be an option.

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I guess that somehow they’ll turn Fiji back to the good side, and she’ll work some magic spell to rid Manfred of Theopholis.

The real Fiji has to be buried in there somewhere, right?

Celeste will probably return along with a team of evil witches. 

Theopholis’ rising will be like a beacon to them. It’s not going to be pretty.

So how will it all unfold?

Will the Midnighters be able to stop Theopholis before he totally consumes Manfred?

Will Fiji return to the good side?

How will Kai deal with having to fight his wife? Will he join Team Midnight or stick with Patience?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Lisa Babick is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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