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Here at TV Guide, we’re big Arrowverse fans, and just like you, we wait for the midseason crossover event with bated breath each year. From the second they start shooting, we’re stalking the Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash actors’ Instagram pages, reading up on fan theories and digging into comic book canon to figure out what’s coming down the pipeline.

We try our best to provide an epic crossover experience for our readers, and this year, we’ve teamed up with the minds at GameSpot to make sure that for every question you ask, we’ve got the best answer possible. Even if that question is, “Will Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) accidentally make out thanks to his Freaky Friday incident with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)?” The resulting crossover hive mind turned up some awesome content from both TV Guide and GameSpot staffers, so read up on all our interviews, theories, spoilers and sneak peeks below!

First thing’s first, you need to start off this crash course with the action-packed trailer for the Arrowverse: Elseworlds crossover. It’s heavy on hilarity, but it also introduces some key characters we’ve never met before and gives us our first shots of Gotham. Check it out and prepare to be amazed!

It turns out teaming up is just as good an idea as Barry, Oliver and Kara make it seem! With our powers combined, GameSpot and TV Guide managed to get our hands on the first sneak peek at the crossover from The Flash episode airing Sunday, Dec. 9. In it, Kara introduces Barry and Oliver to her super cousin, Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin), and hilarity ensues!

Arrowverse Crossover Sneak Peek: Barry and Oliver Meet Superman

Tyler Hoechlin, Bitsie Tulloch, Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Carlos Valdez and Melissa Benoist, <em>The Flash</em>

For the most part, spoilers and surprises are kept under lock and key at The CW, so catching an actor posting something revealing or spotting a key piece of evidence in the background is a difficult task. We’re up for the challenge though, so click on the image below for all the spoilers we’ve collected about the 2018 crossover!

If you’re more mainstream and like to stay unspoiled, then you might want to stick with the standard gallery of official crossover images The CW puts out. They’ll give you a couple ideas of what’s to come (and they’ll prompt more than a few questions about what in the heck is going on in this crossover), but you’ll remain blissfully unspoiled about plot details and major twists.

<p>Elseworlds </p>


While we kept an eye out for spoilers from the crossover, that doesn’t mean we didn’t take the time to sit down and dream up all the things we hoped would be in it. Surprise cameos and staples of the Batman universe topped our Crossover Wish List (click below!) this year, and we’ve even got the distinct feeling that some of our wishes will come true

Ruby Rose, <em>Arrow</em>Ruby Rose, Arrow

When it comes to juicy behind the scenes details, there’s nowhere to go than straight to the source. TV Guide and Gamespot spoke to Stephen Amell during a recent set visit in Vancouver about Barry and Oliver swapping lives, and he gave us some great details about how he and Grant Gustin pulled off the switcharoo. It’s hard getting into character when your character has to get into another character. And now your head probably hurts… Click below for details!

<p>Stephen Amell, <em>Arrow</em> </p>

Stephen Amell, Arrow

We were also lucky enough to chat with Melissa Benoist about her role in the crossover, which sounds like it will be pretty comedic! As the only one who can recognize Barry and Oliver for who they really are, Kara is bound to have a tough time keeping everything straight! Click on Supergirl to read more!

Melissa Benoist, <em>Supergirl</em>Melissa Benoist, Supergirl

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